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A Flickerbat in the visible spectrum


Metroid Prime

Damages by


Threat Capacity

Nonhostile, damaging

Natural Habitat

Phendrana Drifts

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Flickerbats are aerial creatures found in Metroid Prime. They use optical camouflage to hide from both predators and their prey. When hunting they seem to pass in and out of the visible spectrum. They have orange bodies with short blue wings and spines. They use sonar like bats to hunt insects. Flickerbats are difficult to track without the X-Ray Visor.

Flickerbats will only deal damage if Samus moves directly in front of one; they will never actively attack her.





Flickerbats in action.


  1. "Scavenger with optical camouflaging that renders it invisible to the naked eye.​ ​Flickerbats are deceptive creatures.​ The only way to track them reliably is with x-​ray imaging.​ They fly ceaselessly,​ hunting insects and other small prey that float on the air currents.​ Flickerbats tend to fly in cyclical hunting patterns,​ using primitive sonar to navigate." — Logbook "Flickerbat" (Metroid Prime)

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