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Four Oculuses in the Sun Tower

Four Oculuses in the Sun Tower in Metroid Prime


Metroid Prime

Damages by

Electrical pulses

Immune to

Any of Samus's weapons

Threat Capacity

Damaging, non-hostile

Natural Habitat

Chozo Ruins

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The Oculus is a wall-crawling creature capable of producing electrical pulses to deter predators. The sturdy shell of the Oculus is impenetrable, capable of reflecting even Samus's Missiles.

A species native to Tallon IV, these passive creatures are virtually indestructible and can only be removed when the surface they are climbing on is destroyed. They block Samus's progress in the Sun Tower and also in the Tower of Light, where she acquires the Wavebuster.



  1. "Wall-crawler that generates electrical pulses. The Oculus exposes its single eye when active. The electrical field that covers it is enough to deter most predators. If the Oculus detects anything capable of presenting a real threat, it retracts into its impermeable shell." — Logbook "Oculus" (Metroid Prime)

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