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Reaper Vine
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A Reaper Vine


Metroid Prime

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Natural Habitat

Chozo Ruins

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A Reaper Vine is a plant native to the Chozo Ruins on Tallon IV with a vulnerable eye near the end of its vine. This eye can only see ten meters. In addition, the plant has a scythe shaped protrusion on the end of the vine that it swings wildly at anything its eye sees. If hit, the eye will retreat into the hole to safety. Only a charged shot from the Plasma Beam can kill a Reaper Vine.



In the coding for the game, Reaper Vines are amusingly called Spank Weeds, apparently an early name for the creature.




A Reaper Vine in action.


  1. "Powerful rock-dwelling tentacle.
    A single eye upon the Reaper Vine keeps a constant vigil, but its vision is limited to 10 meters. A scythe-like appendage on its tip is honed to lethal sharpness. The Reaper Vine will swing this blade wildly at anything that enters its zone of perception.
    " — Logbook "Reaper Vine" (Metroid Prime)

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