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Parasite Queen
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The Parasite Queen is the first boss of Metroid Prime, found in the Reactor Core of Frigate Orpheon. It is a Parasite mutated through Space Pirate experimentation. When Samus Aran enters the Reactor Core, the Parasite Queen appears inside a blue, seemingly impenetrable barrier.


Artwork of a Parasite Queen

Parasite Queens are the result of a Space Pirate bioengineering program. They possess large muscle structures around their massive jaws, which also contain fluid sacs filled with acid.[1] These fluid sacs enlarge considerably after exposure to Phazon, leading to an increase in production of corrosive bile.[2] Their tail sections end in a large, mouth-like orifice likely used to birth offspring, which survive their mother's acidic embryonic fluid by means of a tough exoskeleton.[3] A Parasite Queen's primary legs possess galvanized tips, allowing it to penetrate a variety of alloys.[4]

Known Specimens


Samus facing off against the Parasite Queen

The Parasite Queen boss battle, like many early battles, is a relatively easy, one-stage battle. To defeat the Parasite Queen, Samus must shoot the Power Beam or Missile at it while an open section of its shield is revealed. To attack, the Parasite queen launches acid from fluid sacs[1] located around its mouth. The acid it shoots is corrosive enough to damage Samus's Varia Suit, meaning it is likely more powerful than Flaahgra's toxic water found throughout Chozo Ruins.

Occasionally, the shield around Parasite Queen will randomly reform, leaving an open space in a different area. Lock-On Orbiting is useful to catch up with the spinning shield or to catch it coming from the other side. Unlike many bosses, Parasite Queen's entire body is vulnerable to attack.

Other Specimens

A dead Parasite Queen impaling a Space Pirate

The Parasite Queen is not one of a kind. It is one of six known specimens, four of which are found on Frigate Orpheon and two found in Eastern SkyTown, Elysia. The specimens on Orpheon, however, located in the Emergency Evacuation Area, Biohazard Containment, and Biotech Research Area 1, are dead and hibernating, respectively. The specimen in hibernation breaks out of its containment while Samus is escaping Frigate Orpheon, but is killed in a powerful explosion.

Two other dead Queens appear in Xenoresearch Lift A within the Space Pirates' labs in Eastern SkyTown, dead from experiments and the like.[5][6] Parasite Queens come about as the result of unknown methods of mutating a Parasite with Phazon, corrupting the creature.



Scan Data

First Dead Parasite Queen

Second Parasite Queen

Third Dead Parasite Queen

Fourth Dead Parasite Queen

Fifth Dead Parasite Queen

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Language Name Meaning
Japanese パラサイトクイーン  Parasite Queen  
Spanish Parásito Reina  Parasite Queen  
French Reine parasite  Queen Parasite  
German Mutterparasit  Mother Parasite  

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