Puddle Spore

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Puddle Spore
Puddle Spore mp1 Screenshot 01.png

A Puddle Spore trying to intimdate Samus


Metroid Prime

Damages by
  • Contact
  • Magma globules
Vulnerable Area

Mantle cavity

Natural Habitat

Magmoor Caverns

The Puddle Spore is a mollusk that resides in the scathing lava pools of Magmoor Caverns in Metroid Prime.


Puddle Spores float on the surface of lava lakes, protected from potential predators by an impenetrable shell. When it does sense danger, a Puddle Spore will attempt to intimidate its opponent by opening its mantle cavity to increase its size. The mantle is vulnerable to weapons fire, however, and a direct hit to its mantle will cause a Puddle Spore to enter a defensive position in which it flips itself over and conceals itself in the magma. Its underside is flat and can be used as a platform to cross lava-filled areas.

A Puddle Spore can also slam its mantle shut, ejecting a harmful spread of projectile energy globules that will damage on contact.



  • Considering their names and appearances, Puddle Spores may be an homage to Brinstar's plant creature, Spore Spawn.
  • In unused text for the game, there is a mention of an Alpha Puddle Spore, an enhanced version of this creature originally set to appear in the Chozo Ruins.


  1. "Sentient floating lava mollusk protected by an impenetrable shell. A Puddle Spore opens when approached, attempting to intimidate with its size. When opened, direct fire to its mantle causes it to flip into a defensive position. If it can slam shut, it ejects a spread of harmful energy globules." — Logbook "Puddle Spore" (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パドルスポア  Puddle Spore  

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