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A Burrower


Metroid Prime

Damages by
  • Contact
  • Projectiles
Threat Capacity


Natural Habitat

Magmoor Caverns

Located in

Tallon IV

A Burrower is an insect native to Tallon IV.


A tunneling predator behaviorally similar to the Beetle, the Burrower hunts by detecting seismic activity and surfacing to attack prey. Burrowers raise a visible trail as they tunnel underground, and will leap up only briefly to attack before burrowing again, making slower weapons such as the Ice Beam particularly ineffective. They are extremely aggressive and will assault anything that wanders through their territory, though they will hesitate to attack objects far larger than themselves.

Though they possess a set of mandibles, Burrowers attack Samus using only projectiles.



  1. "Tunneling insect predator. The Burrower is similar to the Beetle, though it prefers to spend more time underground. It seeks seismic disturbances, then surfaces to attack. It has enough cunning to realize when something is too large for it to handle: beyond that, it is fairly ignorant. What it lacks in brains, it makes up for with aggression." — Logbook "Burrower" (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バロワー  Burrower  

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