Incinerator Drone

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Incinerator Drone
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The Incinerator Drone


Metroid Prime


Two independent Flamethrower tanks


Chozo Ruins


Burn Dome


Morph Ball Bombs

The Incinerator Drone is a mechanical waste-disposal drone put into commission by the Chozo, and is the fourth boss of Metroid Prime.


Sensing Samus Aran as a threat to the Dome, the Drone activates and uses its minimal combat training to launch an offensive against her. The Incinerator Drone shoots a line of fire at a nest above it, causing the Barbed War Wasps within the hive to become agitated and attack Samus. The Drone then fires its own Flamethrowers at the enemy in a random pattern. Occasionally, its internal power core will reveal itself, and Samus can fire her Power Beam at it to cause malfunctions. Each time she damages a part of the power core, the Incinerator Drone releases more Barbed War Wasps to come to its aid.

Repeating this process will eventually result in the destruction of the Drone, and afterwards Samus can acquire the Morph Ball Bomb upgrade that it leaves behind. The War Wasp Hive is also destroyed by the Drone's final incinerator blast.





The fight with the Incinerator Drone.


  1. "Incinerator Drone, programmed for high temperature waste disposal. Device schematics indicate a high risk of malfunction when internal power core is damaged. Unit has minimal combat programming, but can defend itself if necessary. This drone’s intense heat blasts compensate for its lack of battle prowess." — Logbook "Incinerator Drone" (Metroid Prime)

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