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A Jelzap concealing its vulnerable core


Metroid Prime

Damages by


Vulnerable Area

Central electrical impulses

Threat Capacity


Natural Habitat
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Tallon IV

A Jelzap is an aquatic predator in Metroid Prime. It has tough armor and can ensnare prey using an electrical field with towing properties.


The Jelzap is comprised of two electrically bound skeletal halves. Its vital organs are separated into these halves, with its central nervous system in the upper body and the cordiovascular and digestive systems in the lower body. It draws in prey by briefly exposing its core of electrical impulses and then closing its jaws on its victims. This core is vulnerable to weapons fire, and if the electrical impulses holding the creature together are disrupted its halves will separate, resulting in death.

Jelzaps are at the top of Tallon IV's aquatic food chain and can survive in most water environments, including the frigid waters of Phendrana Drifts. Despite their apparent immunity to the cold, however, they can still be frozen solid by a shot from the Ice Beam, and subsequently shattered with a Missile.



  1. "Aquatic predator made of electrically bound skeletal halves. The Jelzap's brain is located in the upper half of its body, while the heart and digestive tract occupy the lower half. Linked only by electrical impulses, the two halves somehow function effectively enough to launch the Jelzap to the top of Tallon IV's aquatic food chain." — Logbook "Jelzap" (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アクアザップ  Aqua Zap  

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