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Eyon mp1 Screenshot.png

An Eyon firing a beam


Metroid Prime

Damages by

Energy beams[1]


Charge Beam

Immune to

Uncharged attacks

Natural Habitat

Chozo Ruins

Eyons are creatures composed entirely of ocular tissue encountered in Metroid Prime.[1] They plant themselves in clusters on the walls of the Chozo Ruins on Tallon IV.


When an Eyon detects an intruder, it will fire a sustained green energy beam from its pupil, which is only capable of vertical movement, until stunned by a bright flash (any of Samus's beams) or until it is destroyed with a powerful blast, such as those created by Samus's Charge Beam.[1] When several Eyons become active at once, the resulting series of beams are an effective blockade against unequipped enemies. A large group of Eyons will awaken only after Samus obtains the Charge Beam, though now Samus will be armed against them.

Apparently, when Eyons die of natural causes they petrify, still latched to the surfaces where they originally existed.[2]

The Luminoth constructed mechanoids known as Sentreyes that are highly similar to the Eyons, sharing the same weaknesses and attacks, though with increased range and flexibility.




Eyons in action.


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Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイボール  Eyeball  

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