Tallon Crab

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Tallon Crab
Tallon Crab

A Tallon Crab


Metroid Prime

Damages by


Threat Capacity

Damaging, Non-hostile

Natural Habitat

Tallon IV

Located in

Tallon Overworld

Tallon Crabs are creatures native to Tallon IV. Samus encounters them in only one room, Main Ventilation Shaft Section A on the Frigate Orpheon once it has crashed. The Tallon Crabs will swarm about whatever rooms they inhabit. They do not seek out Samus, but rather go about their business oblivious to Samus. They can damage Samus only if she makes contact with them. Their hard shells are no match for any of Samus's beams or even her boots as they make quick work of them. These creatures travel in swarms, much like the more land-based Scarabs.

Logbook Entry


  1. "Crustacean native of Tallon IV. Hard-shelled swarm life-form. Once harvested for food, exposure to Phazon has seen this practice diminished. Creatures are timid and harmless alone, but can be a problem when traveling in swarms." — Logbook "Tallon Crab" (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ターロンクラブ  Tallon Crab  

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