Hunter Metroid

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Hunter Metroid
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A Hunter Metroid


Metroid Prime

Main Species Metroids
Damages by
  • Energy draining
  • Ramming

Ice Beam

Threat Capacity


Located in

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Hunter Metroids are Phazon mutated Metroids featured in Metroid Prime. They are capable of draining their prey's energy at a distance with their energy siphon tentacle; if angered they will ram their prey.[1] Samus encounters Hunter Metroids in the lower levels of the Phazon Mines. A single Hunter Metroid appears in Phendrana Drifts' Frost Cave until the Gravity Suit is obtained. Metroid Prime is also capable of spawning them in its core form.




  1. 1.0 1.1 "As Metroids develop,​ they become more efficient predators.​ An energy-​draining tentacle allows them to attack at a distance.​ Quick to anger,​ a Hunter Metroid will charge troublesome prey and attempt to ram them into submission.​ Cold-​based attacks are still quite effective against these creatures.​" — Logbook "Hunter Metroid" (Metroid Prime)

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