Fission Metroid

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Fission Metroid
Fission Metroid.jpg

Artwork of Fission Metroids


Metroid Prime

Main Species Metroid
Damages by

Energy Draining


One Beam and its respective Charge Combo depending on color

Threat Capacity


Natural Habitat

Impact Crater

Located in

Phazon Mines (PAL/Trilogy version only)

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Fission Metroids are Phazon mutated Metroids featured only in Metroid Prime.

Samus encounters them in the Phazon Core of the Impact Crater, Metroid Prime is also capable of spawning them. In the PAL and Metroid Prime: Trilogy version of the game, they can also be found in the bottom level of the Phazon Mines after the Omega Pirate is defeated. These creatures have specific vulnerabilities to different elements of nature, and therefore different one of Samus's Chozo-based beam weapons.


Fission Metroids are capable of spitting into two Metroids, each vulnerable to a specific beam weapons. Due to the chaotic nature of Phazon, this vulnerability is completely random. Before splitting, Samus may damage a Fission Metroid with any beam weapon; after splitting, she may damage them with the beam corresponding to its color as well as the Charge Combo.[1]

As with all Metroids, they can be detached with a Morph Ball Bomb. The can also be instantly killed with a Power Bomb or a blast from the Phazon Beam.




  1. 1.0 1.1 "The Fission Metroid is a mutant,​ capable of splitting in two.​ This split endows the new creatures with invulnerability to most weaponry.​ This effect is unstable,​ resulting in weakness to a type of weapon fire.​ The vulnerability appears to be random,​ due to the chaotic nature of Phazon mutation." — Logbook "Fission Metroid" (Metroid Prime)

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