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A Scarab

Artwork of a single Scarab in Metroid Prime


Metroid Prime

Damages by


Threat Capacity

Damaging, Non-hostile

Natural Habitat

Scarabs are small, social creatures native to Tallon IV. Their natural habitats are Phendrana Drifts and Chozo Ruins.

Ethology and Physiology

Scarabs tend to swarm in small rooms and narrow hallways, moving about in one inseparable mass. If they sense a hostile creature is near, they block the creature's path by embedding themselves onto walls, ceilings and floors.[1] If the creature advances near embedded scarabs, they will explode violently. These creatures exhibit swarm behavior and swarm intelligence, acting as one although they are physically individual. Scarabs have no natural fear of death; finding strength in numbers, they are able to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the swarm.[1] Individually, these creatures are nearly insignificant, showing a low-threat level in the radar and causing minimal damage to Samus; in large groups, however, they have no trouble exploding their way through an Energy Tank's worth of damage.


Area Room Number in Room
Chozo Ruins Ruined Shrine Access  
Chozo Ruins Nursery Access  
Chozo Ruins North Atrium  
Chozo Ruins Ruined Fountain Access  
Chozo Ruins Elder Hall Access  
Phendrana Drifts Courtyard Entryway  
Phendrana Drifts Frost Cave Access  

Logbook Entry




Scarabs in action.


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 "Exploding parasites that can embed their bodies in solid rock. Scarabs think nothing of sacrificing themselves for the safety of their swarm.​ When a hostile life-​form is sighted,​ they block its progress by embedding themselves in floors and walls.​ Embedded Scarabs violently self-​destruct when threatened." — Logbook "Scarab" (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スカラベ  Scarab  

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