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Artwork of a Grizby


Metroid Prime

Damages by




Immune to

Beam weaponry

Threat Capacity

Damaging, Non-hostile

Natural Habitat

Magmoor Caverns

Two Grizbys in the Magmoor Caverns

A Grizby is a small, Geemer-like creature that dwells in volcanic environments. The Grizby's entire body is encased with a nearly indestructible carapace, fused onto the creature's main body by superheated air. This allows it to be able to survive in superheated environments such as Magmoor Caverns. The shell can withstand any shot, even from the Plasma Beam. Only concussive blasts such as missile explosions can disrupt the barrier. The Grizby is a scavenger and therefore travels in small circles around its nearby area searching for food.[1] They have two large red eyes that help them look for food and threats. The creature is very similar to Geemers, as they can only be killed by missile blasts and travel in a set path. Grizbys have only been featured in Metroid Prime in the Magmoor Caverns of Tallon IV.


Video of Grizby

A Grizby in action


  1. 1.0 1.1 "​​Subvolcanic carrion feeder. Carapace can be breached by Missiles. The Grizby's carapace has been fused together by superheated air. This barrier stands up to everything but concussive blasts. Its intelligence is limited to instinctive scavenging patterns." — Logbook "Grizby" (Metroid Prime)

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