Scatter Bombu

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Scatter Bombu
A Scatter Bombu

A Scatter Bombu patrolling a passage


Metroid Prime

Damages by

Energy Beams

Immune to

All other weapons

Threat Capacity


Natural Habitats

Scatter Bombus are energy-based creatures found on Tallon IV, used by the Space Pirates for patrolling in various corridors of Phendrana Drifts and in the Phazon Mines. They are similar to the Luminoth-built Diligence Class Drone. Scatter Bombus attack by releasing rotating streams of electricity that Samus can easily dodge with the Morph Ball. At close range, Scatter Bombus disrupt Samus's Visor. Samus can only defeat them with the Wave Beam or Wavebuster.[1]


In Action

A Scatter Bombu in action

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  1. 1.0 1.1 "Pulsing tendrils of energy extend from creature'​s body.​ ​Like all Bombus,​ these creatures can only be harmed by electrical energy.​ Proximity to these life-​forms may result in electrical Visor interference.​ It is possible to avoid engaging Scatter Bombus by rolling into the Morph Ball and slipping between the rotating energy streams." — Logbook "Scatter Bombu" (Metroid Prime)

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