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Phendrana Shorelines

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Phendrana Shorelines

The Phendrana Shorelines


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Phendrana Drifts

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Phendrana Drifts Main Theme

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The Phendrana Shorelines is a room in the Phendrana Drifts. Samus first accesses the room from the Shoreline Entrance.

The room is very large and open. There are a number of pillars in the room around which many Flickerbats fly. One of these pillars contains a Missile Expansion on the side encased in ice that can be melted with the Plasma Beam.

Crystallites can be found throughout the room, along with two Baby Sheegoths. A large tunnel on the east side of the room leads to Save Station B. There is a small river in the room that flows from a small tunnel on the east end of the room. The tunnel is blocked by a gate that can be destroyed with a Missile or the Charge Beam. The tunnel, once accessed with the Morph Ball, contains a Crystallite along with a Scan Terminal that unlocks the door above which leads to the Ice Ruins Access. This door can be accessed from a side walkway.

There is an upper walkway that connects the Plaza Walkway to Ruins Entryway. This walkway can be accessed from below by using a floating platform and the Space Jump Boots.

When Samus returns from the Ruins Entryway with the Boost Ball, she will see Meta Ridley's shadow as he flies overhead, and briefly see him as he vanishes over the horizon.

The Space Jump Boots can also be used to climb onto an artificial ledge that has a door that leads to the Temple Entryway. There is a wall on this ledge with a Cordite decoration that can be destroyed with a Super Missile. There is a Scan Terminal underneath the decoration that opens a path to a Spider Ball Track that leads up to another Missile Expansion.

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