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The Alcove


Metroid Prime


Tallon Overworld

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Space Jump Boots


The Alcove is a small area in Tallon Overworld. The ledge through which this room can be accessed from the Landing Site can only be traversed once the Boost Ball is acquired from Phendrana Drifts.

Immediately beside the entrance there is a steep drop into a relatively circular area showered with sunlight filtering through an opening in the thick canopy. The Space Jump Boots can be acquired in the center of this area, and they are necessary to leave the room.

Data[edit | edit source]

Available Logbook Entries[edit | edit source]

  • None

Scans[edit | edit source]

Scan Data from Metroid Prime (Space Jump Boots)
Located in: Tallon Overworld - Alcove

Space Jump Boots[1]

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References[edit source]

  1. "Space Jump Boots" —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Alcoba Alcove
French Alcôve Alcove
German Sonnenwinkel Sun Corner 
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