Phazon Core

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Phazon Core
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The Phazon Core

Game Metroid Prime

Impact Crater

Connected Rooms

Impact Crater Main Theme

The Phazon Core is a room in the Impact Crater. The room connects Crater Tunnel A, the Crater Missile Station, and Crater Tunnel B by Red Doors.


The floor of the Phazon Core is coated with Orange Phazon. The only safe place for Samus to stand on the ground is a central island and three side islands, one of which has the door to Crater Tunnel A. The central island has a large pillar in the middle which cannot be climbed, while the furthest island has a series of white structures, which Samus can jump on top of using a nearby floating platform. These structures increase in height, allowing Samus to use them as steps. From these structures, Samus can make her way to to a platform on the central columns using a path of floating platforms. This platform is connected to a bridge that leads to a side walkway. The walkway has a door to the Crater Missile Station.

Another path of floating platforms leads to a higher platform on the central column. This platform has another bridge which leads to the door to the Crater Tunnel B.

Two Fission Metroids spawn in this room, one at the bottom, and one on the middle side walkway. More Fission Metroids will spawn from the Orange Phazon a short time after Samus kills one. No more than two Fission Metroids will appear in the room at one time.


Available Logbook Entries

Scan Data


Creature Number Encountered
Fission Metroids 2 at a time  On all visits  


  • If the player uses a Power Bomb to destroy both Fission Metroids simultaneously, they may respawn inside of each other. If this occurs, they will be unable to move from their current positions until they are split by Samus.



  1. "Limited data on unknown material available.

    Material is highly radioactive. You will take damage from direct contact. Mutagenic qualities at least 86% greater than Phazon. Unshielded bioforms below index level P will suffer fatality within moments.
    " —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)

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