Emergency Evacuation Area

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Emergency Evacuation Area
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Emergency Evacuation Area after first entering

Game Metroid Prime

Frigate Orpheon

Connected Rooms

Desolate Frigate Orpheon

The Emergency Evacuation Area is a room on the Frigate Orpheon. Samus first enters it through Deck Alpha Access Hall and later exits it into Deck Alpha Umbilical Hall.


The room is largely taken up by the carcass of a dead Parasite Queen, but Samus can still get around it. The dead Parasite Queen's mouth is on fire while she is in the room, and the flames can damage Samus if she contacts them directly. A number of normal Parasites can also be found here, feeding on the remains of two of the three dead Space Pirates, one of which is still impaled by the Queen's leg. There is one Pirate that is still alive, although gravely injured. It will attempt to fire at Samus, but she can defeat it with ease.

The room was used by Space Pirates as a point to rally and escape in the event of an evacuation. During the emergency on Frigate Orpheon that brought Samus to Tallon IV,[1] some Pirates managed to escape by entering escape pods and jettisoning them some 6 hours prior to her arrival. Three escape pods were reported as launched, with a Space Pirate base on Tallon IV as the destination.

This room is also the first place Samus encounters the mutagenic substance Phazon. There are several biohazard containers full of Phazon ready to be shipped to different areas of the frigate, the scans of which are the first mention of the substance by name.


Available Logbook Entries



Creature Number Encountered
Parasite 3  All visits  
Injured Space Pirate 1  First visit  



  • This room is the first room in Metroid Prime (and in turn, the Prime series in general) that contains damaging enemies.
  • This chamber contains the first Parasite Queen, though like most Queens encountered, it is already dead.


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Language Name Meaning
Japanese 緊急避難エリア  Emergency Evacuation Area  
Spanish Área de Evacuación de Emergencia  Emergency Evacuation Area  
French Zone d'évacuation d'urgence  Emergency Evacuation Zone  
German Notfall-Evakuierungszone  Emergency Evacuation Zone  
Italian Area di Evacuazione  Evacuation Area  

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