Metroid Prime Lair

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Metroid Prime Lair
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Metroid Prime's Lair

Game Metroid Prime

Impact Crater

Connected Rooms

Subchamber Five


Metroid Prime Final Boss Theme

The Metroid Prime Lair is the bottom-most room in the Impact Crater and where Metroid Prime's core essence is battled. The room contains several pillars housing energy that are quickly destroyed by Prime's shock waves. There are also a number of red roots scattered throughout the room. The exoskeleton of the Metroid Prime lays on the side in a mass of Phazon.

Samus can access the Metroid Prime Lair after defeating Metroid Prime's armored form. Tallon Metroids, Hunter Metroids, and Fission Metroids, all of which are spawned by Metroid Prime, are also encountered here, as well as small brown insects that resemble moths.

This is also the only room in Metroid Prime where Samus may enter Hyper-mode and use her Phazon Beam.


Available Logbook Entries

Scan Data



Creature Number Encountered
Tallon Metroids  Spawned by Metroid Prime  
Hunter Metroids  Spawned by Metroid Prime  
Fission Metroids  Spawned by Metroid Prime  
Metroid Prime 1  Boss Battle  
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