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Research Entrance

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Research Entrance
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A Sentry Drone in the Research Entrance


Metroid Prime


Phendrana Drifts

Connected Rooms
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The Research Entrance is a room in the Phendrana Drifts. The room connects the Specimen Storage to the Hydra Lab Entryway and the Map Station.

When Samus first enters the room, a Sentry Drone will detect her, and a number of Space Pirates will attack. During the attack, four shield walls will raise in the center of the room just in front of a small set of stairs, providing cover for the pirates. These shields will lower once all of the pirates are defeated.

A small door on the right leads to the Map Station, while a walkway leads up to a higher level. The walkway is supported by four pillars, and leads up counterclockwise. This level has an Auto Defense Turret, and a Purple Door to the Hydra Lab Entryway.

Shadow Pirates will appear on later visits. The room is filled with mist, decreasing visibility.

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