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Air Lock
Air Lock mp1 Screenshot.png

Air Lock before ventilation

Game Metroid Prime

Frigate Orpheon

Connected Rooms

Deserted Frigate Orpheon

The Air Lock is a very small room on the Frigate Orpheon in Metroid Prime. It connects the Exterior Docking Hangar via the Main Docking Bay to the main sections of the ship.


This area can be pressurized and depressurized as needed, allowing individuals to leave and enter Orpheon to and from the vacuum of space. The pressurization mechanism is accessed by a terminal that can be scanned in this room. The door leading to the access hall cannot be opened until the air lock is repressurized.

When Samus first encounters this chamber after boarding the derelict vessel, it is in a depressurized state. Dead Parasites and small pieces of debris are floating about in the airspace and will fall to the floor once repressurization takes place; the Parasites can be shot with the Power Beam and destroyed before that, however.

After the Reactor Core overloads, Samus escapes the frigate using a new route in which the Deck Alpha Mech Shaft opens into the Air Lock.


Available Logbook Entries

  • None




  • The scan data of the door Samus initially enters in this room indicates that the preceding hallway is called the "Main Docking Bay," but that area on the map is conjoined to the Exterior Docking Hangar and shares its name.


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  2. "Door cannot be opened until air lock is repressurized. Use the activation panel to repressurize room." —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)
  3. "Air lock repressurization sucessful." —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)
  4. "Entrance to Deck Alpha Access Hall" —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エアロック  Air Lock  
Spanish Esclusa  Floodgate  
French Sas  Airlock  
German Luftschleuse  Airlock  
Italian Camera di Pressurizzazione  Pressurization Room  

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