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Main Quarry

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Phazon Mines

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Phazon Mines Main Theme

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The Main Quarry is a room in the Phazon Mines. It connects the Quarry Access, Save Station Mines A, Security Access A, and the Waste Disposal, the two former by Purple Doors and the two latter by White Doors. The room is relatively open with a large structure over it. A lower ditch leads from the Quarry Access to the Security Access A behind a force field. Two Mega Turrets guard this force field. The force field can be deactivated using two Scan Terminals on the walls of the ditch. One side of the ditch is raised and leads to a Spider Ball Track that leads to Save Station Mines A. An area on the other side of the ditch has an elevated walkway. This walkway leads to the top of a large meta structure. This structure supports a large crane that has a Grapple Point at its end. When in its neutral position, the Grapple Point can be used to reach a ledge leading to Waste Disposal. The crane can be controlled using an interface in a blue area on one side of the structure. This terminal is not active until until a power conduit is activated by the Wave Beam. If the crane is moved, a Spider Ball Track can be followed over to an alcove that contains a Missile Expansion.

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