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Frozen Pike

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Frozen Pike

Uppermost area of Frozen Pike


Metroid Prime


Phendrana Drifts

Connected Rooms

Phendrana Drifts Depths

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The Frozen Pike is a room in the Phendrana Drifts. The room is composed mostly of large ice structures and rock formations. A few large root systems of unknown origin also appear in the room. The room connects the Transport Access, the Pike Access, The Frost Cave Access, and the Hunter Cave Access using four Purple Doors.

The lowest level of the room is submerged in water, contains a Jelzap, and has a door to the Hunter Cave Access on a higher ledge accessible only with the Gravity Suit. A small walkway leads up from the water to a root bridge that leads to a platform. From this platform, Samus can jump onto a series of platforms leading counterclockwise around the room until one platform has a Purple Door to the Frost Cave Access. A similar series of platforms leads from here to the door to the Pike Access. To reach the top of the room, along with the Transport Tunnel, Samus must use a small Morph Ball tunnel embedded in the wall. This top level has another root bridge with a number of Flickerbats around it.

Platforms throughout the room have Ice Parasites on them. Two Flying Pirates will appear in the center of the room after Samus has obtained the Gravity Suit.

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