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Phazon Processing Center

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Phazon Processing Center

Metroid Prime


Phazon Mines

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The Phazon Processing Center is a room in the Phazon Mines. It connects the Processing Center Access by a Red Door, and the Maintenance Tunnel and the Transport Access by White Doors. The room is divided into three main areas. The lowest area has a floor of Phazon with a few platforms riding out of the floor. The door to the Processing Center Access is located on the floor on the west side. There are a few side platforms as well, one of which has a Mega Turret above it. Using the X-Ray Visor, Samus can locate some invisible floating platforms that lead to the middle level. A small platform below the middle level accessible from an invisible platform. The wall near this platform can be destroyed with a Power Bomb to reveal a Missile Expansion. The middle level has a door to the Maintenance Tunnel on sub-level two. There is also a T-shaped walkway leading from the door. Two columns with Spider Ball Tracks lead higher. Two Space Pirates can be found on this level before obtaining the Plasma Beam (Metroid Prime series). They are replaced after obtaining the beam by a Wave Trooper and a Plasma Trooper. The upper level consists of a number of platforms scattered around the level. One platform with have a Power Trooper on it after obtaining the Plasma Beam. An upper platform will allow access to a moving platform that leads to the Transport Access. Another Mega Turret is on the ceiling of the room. After defeating the Omega Pirate, two Fission Metroids will appear in the room in the PAL and Trilogy versions.

Inhabitants of the Room[edit | edit source]

Creature Number Encountered
Mega Turrets 2  On all visits  
Space Pirates 2  Before obtaining the Plasma Beam  
Power Trooper 1  After obtaining the Plasma Beam  
Wave Trooper 1  After obtaining the Plasma Beam  
Plasma Trooper 1  After obtaining the Plasma Beam  
Fission Metroids 2  After beating the Omega Pirate (PAL/Trilogy only)  
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