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Phazon Mining Tunnel

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Phazon Mining Tunnel

Samus finds the Artifact of Newborn.


Metroid Prime


Phazon Mines

Connected Rooms

The Phazon Mining Tunnel is a room in the Phazon Mines. It connects Fungal Hall A to Fungal Hall B by Red Doors. Most of the room can only be navigated while in the Morph Ball. The entrance to the tunnel is blocked by a cracked stone that can be destroyed with a Power Bomb. The first section of the tunnel consists of a number of platforms over Phazon. The platforms will disappear once Samus has been on them for a moment, so she must use the Boost Ball to make it across safely. After this section, one tunnel leads to the door to Fungal Hall B, while another leads deeper into the room. This area is completely filled with Phazon, and has a number of rocks in the way that can be destroyed with Morph Ball Bombs. The Artifact of Newborn can be found at the end of this area. Samus will take significant damage if she enters the Phazon areas of the tunnel without the Phazon Suit.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible to obtain the Artifact without the Phazon Suit, but it requires the maximum number of Energy Tanks and near perfect execution.
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