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Research Lab Aether

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Research Lab Aether
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Research Lab Aether


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Phendrana Drifts

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Research Lab Aether is a room in Space Pirate research outpost, Glacier One, in the Phendrana Drifts. During initial visits, the room is almost complete black. On subsequent visits the lighting will improve.

Features[edit | edit source]

Research Lab Aether connects the Aether Lab Entryway to the Research Core Access, both with [[Purple Doors]s. When Samus first enters the room, a cut scene will show a lone Tallon Metroid in a clear container. It will break free and attack Samus. Once it has been killed, Space Pirates will attack her.

The ground floor has more containment tanks, one of which has an Energy Tank in it, while another has another Metroid. There is a large glass tank filled with remains of a failed experiment in the center of the room, an attempt at creating an Elite Pirate by Project Helix scientists. A walkway can be accessed using an elevator activated by a Scan Terminal. This walkway leads back up to the beginning of the room.

A small Morph Ball path can be found above part of the walkway that leads to a Missile Expansion. Shadow Pirates and Auto Defense Turrets will appear on later visits. Scan Terminals throughout the room contain Space Pirate Data.

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