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Mine Security Station

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The Mine Security Station is a room in the Phazon Mines. It connects the Security Access A to the Security Access B and the Storage Depot A by a White Door, a Purple Door, and a Red Door respectively. The room winds back and forth, leading in a maze-like path. The halls have destructible pipes that lead across pillars that block the path. The far end of the lower level has a ramp that leads up to the upper level that is essentially identical to the lower level. The lower level has Shadow Pirates in it that are later replaced by Ice Troopers. The upper level has a Mega Turret at the top of the ramp, along with Wave Troopers. These Troopers are emphasized by a cut scene when Samus first travels through the room. The upper level also has a gate made of Bendezium that blocks a terminal. This terminal deactivates force fields on the lower level, allowing access to the Storage Depot A.

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