Biotech Research Area 2

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Biotech Research Area 2
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Samus in Biotech Research Area 2

Game Metroid Prime

Frigate Orpheon

Connected Rooms


The Biotech Research Area 2 is a room on the Frigate Orpheon. It was used for experimentation by Space Pirates on geoform 187. When Samus enters the room while evacuating the damaged frigate, Meta Ridley escapes his restraints and flees the area.

Samus must use the Grapple Beam to get across the room, as the exit is on a raised ledge that cannot be reached from the ground level.


Available Logbook Entries

  • None



Creature Number Encountered
Meta Ridley 1  Only visit  



  1. "While in Combat Visor mode, press and hold Z when this object is in your view to perform a Grapple Beam swing." —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)
  2. "Subject >> Meta Ridley
    Cerebral casing stable. Exoskeleton seal holding. Begin umbilical refraction.
    " —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)
  3. "Subject >> Meta Ridley
    Weapon update complete.
    Stinger ballistics >> online
    Plasma fuel cell >> online
    " —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)
  4. "Entrance to Connection Elevator" —Scan Data (Metroid Prime)

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バイオテクノロジー研究エリア2  Biotechnology Research Area 2  
Spanish Área de Investigación de Biotecnología 2  Biotech Research Area 2  
German Biotechnischer Forschungsbereich B  Biotech Research Area B  

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