Root Tunnel

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Root Tunnel
Root Tunnel.jpg

Samus from one side of the Root Tunnel

Game Metroid Prime

Tallon Overworld

Connected Rooms

The Root Tunnel is a small cave in the Tallon Overworld. It connects the Root Cave with the Tallon Canyon. The center of the room is mostly filled with water, but there is a path on the side with a Bloodflower on it. Several Sap Sacs hang from the ceiling, and one end of the room has a large group of Tangle Weed on the floor. The entrance to the Root Cave is blocked by a Missile Door Lock.


Available Logbook Entries


Creature Number Encountered
Bloodflower 1  All visits  
Sap Sacs 5  All visits  
Tangle Weed  All visits  


Language Name Meaning
Spanish Túnel de Raíz  Root Tunnel  
French Tunnel racine  Root Tunnel  
German Verbindungstunnel zur Wurzelschlucht  Connection Tunnel to the Root Canyon  

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