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Ruined Courtyard

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Phendrana Drifts

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The Ruined Courtyard is a room in the Phendrana Drifts. The tunnel connects the Courtyard Entryway to Save Station A, Specimen Storage, Quarantine Access. The room is first entered from the bottome, where there are a number of floating platforms in shallow water. Two side ledges have Spinners on them which open valves at the top of the room. Samus can then use a Bomb Slot to temporarily raise the water level, thus raising the platforms. She can use these platforms to climb to the top of the room, or enter a small side Morph Ball tunnel leading to a room with an Energy Tank. Flickerbats are found along this path. The top of the room has a large platform in the center with three doors in opposite directions. Flying Pirates will be on this platform on later visits. The door to Save Station A is blocked by a Missile Shield, the door to the Specimen Storage is a Purple Door, and the door to Quarantine Access is locked. To unlock it, a Super Missile must be used to destroy a Cordite decoration to reveal a hidden power conduit visible only with the Thermal Visor. The conduit can be activated with the Wave Beam to unlock the door.

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