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Research Core

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The Research Core is a room in the Phendrana Drifts. The room connects the Research Core Access to the Pike Access with a Purple Door and a White Door respectively. The room has four levels, the top three consisting only of circular walkways connected by ramps. When Samus first travels through the room, a Space Pirate and two Flying Pirates will attack her. There are Auto Defense Turrets on the bottom level. The Thermal Visor can be found at the bottom of the room, but it surrounded by three force fields. Each must be deactivated at a separate terminal on a different level. Once the visor has been collected, Shadow Pirates will attack, along with a few Metroids from the glass containment areas on the walls. The door at the top of the room will also lose power, requiring Samus to use the Wave Beam with the Thermal Visor to activate a power conduit.

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