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Quarantine Access B

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Quarantine Access B

Metroid Prime


Phazon Mines

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The Quarantine Access B is a room in the Phazon Mines. It connects Fungal Hall B to Metroid Quarantine B by Red Doors. The bottom of the room is coated with Phazon, which will damage Samus if she does not have the Phazon Suit. Large mushrooms serve as platforms for Samus to get across the room. There are three invisible Pulse Bombus in the room that can only be seen with the X-Ray Visor. A Fission Metroid will appear in the room after beating the Omega Pirate. The Fission Metroid will only appear in the PAL and Trilogy versions of the game.

Inhabitants of the Room[edit | edit source]

Creature Number Encountered
Pulse Bombus (invisible) 3  On all visits  
Fission Metroid 1  After beating the Omega Pirate (PAL/Trilogy only)  
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