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The Monitor Station is a room in the Magmoor Caverns. The room is extremely hot and will damage Samus if she does not have the Varia Suit. The room consists of a large structure in the center surrounded by lava with a walkway leading along the walls. The lowest part of the room has doors to the Monitor Tunnel and the Shore Tunnel. The center of the room will have Auto Defense Turrets on early visits, and Flying Pirates on later visits. If Samus follows the outer walkway, it will leads her up to the second level. This level has a small walkway connected to the structure, along with another Auto Defense Turret. The walkway leads into a room in the structure, then leads to a bridge that leads to Transport Tunnel A. There is also a raised platform near this bridge that can be climbed with the Space Jump Boots. This leads to the top level. This level consists of the top of the structure, along with the outer walkway. The outer walkway can only be accessed by using a Spinner to lower a bridge from the top of the structure. This walkway leads to the Warrior Shrine. Puffers can be found throughout the room.

Monitor Station
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The Monitor Station


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