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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes North American Cover Art

Publisher Nintendo
Developer(s) Retro Studios
Platform(s) Nintendo GameCube

North American release November 15, 2004
European release November 26, 2004

Japanese release May 26, 2005

Genre First Person Adventure
Ratings *ESRB: T
  • PEGI: 12+
  • USK: 12
  • CERO: 12
Modes Single-player, four-player versus multiplayer
Media Nintendo GameCube optical disc
Input Nintendo GameCube controller
Theme Title theme

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is the sequel to Metroid Prime, also released on Nintendo GameCube, in 2004. It was the first Metroid game to feature a multiplayer mode.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is a first-person shooter and action-adventure video game (dubbed as a First Person Adventure) that revolves around combat, puzzle-solving, and platform-jumping. The game takes place on the fictitious planet Aether, home to a race of moth-like people called the Luminoth. Assuming the role as Samus Aran, players must navigate an expansive map of interconnected regions in order to uncover secrets, collect items, and ultimately win the game. In addition to the overworld map, there is also a parallel "dark" realm that bears a strong semblance to the light world, but with an increased difficulty and more use of complicated puzzles such as trans-dimensional conflict. The atmosphere of Dark Aether is detrimental to Samus's health, but much of the damage can be negated or reduced by use of light beacons or light crystals and various suit upgrades. Exploring Dark Aether is necessary, which forces player to continually warp between the two worlds via portals in order to progress through the game.

Samus's Visor system receives several updates. Pictured above is the Echo Visor in the process of echolocation.

The heads-up display (HUD) simulates Samus's visor. Samus's health bar and Energy Tanks collected, weapon selection, map, radar, and visor are displayed around the edges of the screen at all times, simulating a view of actually being behind the visor of Samus Aran. Throughout the game the player collects various visors that change the way Samus views Aether, whether it be via sound or sight. The Combat Visor is the default visor used for most navigation; the Scan Visor collects information on enemies and landmarks; the Dark Visor can be used to locate inter-dimensional objects; the Echo Visor makes supersonic activity and sound visible to the player.

Echoes and the original Metroid Prime are very similar in terms of controlling Samus and her weapons and visors. However, while the core gameplay remains in tact, Retro Studios modified a large number of existing elements and added quite a few new ones. Samus gradually acquires new power suit upgrades: the Dark Suit, which decreases the rate at which Dark Aether's harmful atmosphere deteriorates Samus's health bar, and the Light Suit, which eliminates that threat entirely. Additionally, new or returning weapons have been introduced to the Prime series, such as the Screw Attack.

Perhaps the most notable change is the introduction of an ammunition system. Whereas the first Prime limited only explosive ammo, Echoes implements and ammo system for its two new beams - the Light Beam and the Dark Beam - which use light and dark ammo respectively. The third new Arm Cannon upgrade, the Annihilator Beam, uses both light and dark ammo. The player initially starts out with 50 ammo slots for each weapon but can increase that clip size if they are able to locate ammo expansions hidden throughout the game.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Mission File 02543[edit | edit source]

Samus engages three Warrior Ing.

Samus is hired by the Galactic Federation to locate and render assistance to Federation Marines that went missing in the Dasha Region 8 days prior.[1] She arrives at Aether, the planet from which their last transmission was received, and heads for the coordinates 78.67.563. As she enters the atmosphere, her gunship is damaged by a lightning storm and she becomes effectively stranded while her ship repairs itself.[2] Continuing her search on foot, Samus discovers dead Marines scattered within a hive of indigenous creatures called Splinters. Amidst searching for survivors, she comes across a unknown biomass that reanimates many of the corpses, which engage her in combat.[3] Soon thereafter the bounty hunter comes across her twisted doppelgänger, Dark Samus. Samus pursues Dark Samus through a Portal into another dimension with a poisonous atmosphere, where she is attacked by a group of dark creatures. They steal most of her weapons and she is flung back into Aether with only her most basic suit functions and the rift disappears.[4]

After she leaves the hive, Samus discovers the Communication Area where the Troopers attempted to set up a communications array and that atmospheric interference is scrambling outgoing distress beacons.[5] When she arrives at the GFMC Compound, where the downed G.F.S. Tyr was undergoing repairs by Force One of the squad Bravo, she finds the remainder of the troopers dead and a final report left by Captain A. Exeter.[6] In the final report, Exeter reveals that the crew was pursuing a Space Pirate frigate that crash landed on Aether after a skirmish, but their ship was also damaged by a strange storm.[7] The trooper's comm systems were unable to penetrate the interference and the task force split into two divisions: one ordered to set up an Ops base and the other focused on repairing the ship.[8] Depicted in the report is some sort of dark variant of Splinters slaughtering the task force, and Samus travels to the nearby Great Temple in search of clues.

The Luminoth[edit | edit source]

U-Mos in the Great Temple

At the Great Temple, Samus encounters the Alpha Splinter, which she engages in battle. The parasitic biomass she encountered earlier emerges from a spontaneous rift and possesses the Splinter, augmenting its power. When she emerges victorious, an alien technology bonds with her suit.[9] In the main chamber Samus meets U-Mos, the last remaining sentinel of a technologically advanced race called the Luminoth.

U-Mos explains that the impact of a cosmic object sent Aether into a state of Transdimensional Flux and created a "Dark Aether."[10] A vicious species called the Ing, named after the Luminoth word for "terror,"[11] was birthed of that division and waged war with the Luminoth, slowly overtaking them with their superior numbers and annexing Aether's planetary energy - called the Light of Aether, which they stored in four Energy Controllers - with a stolen device and hording it in their contorted Dark world.[12] When the Luminoth's situation became dire, U-Mos sealed the Luminoth that remained in stasis, to be released once the crisis was over or sleep indefinitely, and stayed awake to protect the final Energy Controller himself.[13]

The device stolen by the Ing, the Energy Transfer Module, was the alien technology that bonded with Samus's suit; since it has come into her possession, U-Mos implores her to aid him and the other Luminoth and sends her on a mission to recover the lost Light of Aether.[14]

The Light of Aether[edit | edit source]

A hologram of I-Sha

Samus sets off to restore the planetary energy to the three Energy sub-controllers on Aether, one in each of the planet's primary regions: Agon Wastes, Torvus Bog, and the Sanctuary Fortress. Along the way she engages incarnations of the Ing that had adapted to use the technology they had stolen from her suit during her first encounter with them in the Sky Temple Grounds, and from these and other Ing who had stolen Luminoth Technology she gathers many Upgrades to augment her suit performance. She also has several run-ins with her counterpart, Dark Samus, and engages her in combat multiple times.

Using her updated Translator Module, Samus first explores the Agon region. At the Agon Energy Controller, she encounters a hologram of the Temple's deceased Sentinel, I-Sha. In the message, I-Sha explains the nature of the Dark Temples, where Dark Aether's Energy Controllers lie, and the Dark Temple Keys that must be recovered to enter them.[15] The message also divulges information about Light Crystals placed in Dark Aether to repel the toxic air there and updates her Translator Module.[16] With this information, Samus manages to recover the three keys to Agon's temple and defeat the massive Ing in the Dark Agon Temple and retake Agon's planetary energy. Along the way she encounters Space Pirates, who have set up a base of operations and are harvesting Phazon when she arrives,[17] even making raids on Phazon sources in Dark Aether.[18] The pirates also keep Tallon Metroids in captivity for use in Phazon experimentation, domestication,[19] and bio-energy harvesting.[20]

The Light of Aether returned to Agon

After returning the Light of Aether to the Agon Temple, Samus visits U-Mos again in the Great Temple and he directs her to the Torvus region.[21] At the Torvus Energy Controller, she encounters the hologram of A-Voq, who warns her about the poisonous waters of Dark Aether and divulges the location of the Dark Temple Keys in the area.[22] Once the hologram updates her translator module,[23] Samus ventures even further into the Torvus territory and the flooded Luminoth temple infested by local aquatic predators. In the Dark Torvus Temple, Samus defeats the monstrous Chykka and takes the planetary energy from the enemy.

Finally, U-Mos directs Samus to the final Luminoth stronghold in the cliffs of Aether, the Sanctuary Fortress.[24] She finds the hologram left behind by the inventor and sentinel O-Lir at the Sanctuary Energy Controller; in it O-Lir explains that the Sanctuary's dark representation, the Ing Hive, is the heart of the Ing horde, and that the mechanical sentinels built to accompany the Luminoth in battle were eventually corrupted and used against their creators.[25] Her Translator Module updated once more,[26] Samus ventures into the depths of the Fortress and the Ing Hive. After invading the Hive Temple and defeating the corrupted Quadraxis, Samus returns the last stolen Light of Aether to the Energy Controller in Sanctuary Fortress and turns her attention to exterminating the Ing threat entirely.[27]

Final Confrontation[edit | edit source]

Samus in her Light Suit, absorbing the last portion of the Light of Aether.

Ultimately, Samus transfers all of the energy back to Aether, save for the last unit protected by the Emperor Ing itself. To reach the final Ing stronghold, the Sky Temple, Samus needs to acquire the ten Sky Temple Keys that seals the entrance in the Sky Temple Gateway. The Luminoth originally sent ten Keybearers to retrieve these keys, but only A-Kul, the Champion of Aether, managed to return her key before her death.[28] U-Mos gifts Samus the Light Suit, which is completely immune to the toxic hazards of Dark Aether, and sends her after the nine remaining keys.[27]

After attaining the keys, Samus travels to the Sky Temple, where she combats the Emperor Ing and emerges victorious. Upon acquiring the last fragment of the Light of Aether, the dark dimension becomes unstable and threatens to collapse within minutes. Samus flees from the Sky Temple and attempts to return to Light Aether, but is blocked in the Sky Temple Gateway by Dark Samus, who has absorbed Phazon to critical capacity.[29] Samus overcomes her adversary and travels through an active portal to Light Aether mere moments before Dark Aether ceases to exist. She returns to U-Mos, who has awoken the previously slumbering Luminoth. The Luminoth thank Samus, who then leaves in her repaired gunship.

Should the player finish the game 100%, they are rewarded with a post-credits cutscene depicting Dark Samus reforming herself in outer space.

Multiplayer[edit | edit source]

Metroid Prime 2: Echoes was the first Metroid title to implement a multiplayer game mode. The multiplayer mode could be played with two to four people on any of six maps. There are two gameplay modes: Deathmatch (in which players fight one another until a score or time limit is reached), and Bounty (players fight and kill one another to earn coins).

Combatants control colored variations of Samus and use her powers similarly to how they appeared in the single player campaign. Several of Samus's upgrades were stripped for the multiplayer mode, but several unique and temporary power-ups were added to supplement this. These new abilities include a Death Ball mode, Hacker Mode, invulnerability, invisibility, damage boosts, and unlimited ammo. These new powers are granted to a player if that player is able to locate them on the maps.

All combatants begin the rounds with the same basic abilities:

In addition to these, Power Bomb and Missile upgrades can be found in crates scattered across the maps. Players may also obtain the Light Beam, Dark Beam, and Annihilator Beam by collecting their respective tokens. All of these weapons are limited in ammo, just as they are in the single player mode.

List of the Multiplayer Maps:

  • Sidehopper Station: A mix of outdoor and indoor combat. Several Kinetic Orb Cannons are on this stage.
  • Spider Complex: A tight indoors arena with a Spider Ball orb in the center of the stage.
  • Shooting Gallery: There is a single turret gun on the map - use the Morph Ball Bomb slot to destroy it.
  • Crossfire Chaos: Small but open fighting space. A Super Missile upgrade rests in the middle.
  • Pipeline: The only underwater level has an open atrium and tight tunnels.
  • Spires: This level is divided by a huge pitfall. Kinetic Orb Cannons can be used to cross the chasm.

It should be noted that Pipeline and Spires are unlocked through playing and completing the one-player adventure.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the PAL region, it remains the only Nintendo-published game not to be compatible with the PAL-50Hz mode, which means it cannot be played on older PAL TVs except for the Metroid Prime: Trilogy version.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Wallpapers[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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